Photos by Mao Yamamoto

Photos by Mao Yamamoto

テレ線│Telesen (from “ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS!“) [performance]
Created by 和田永│Ei Wada, 鷲見倫一│Rinichi Washimi, 鈴木エイシア│Asia Suzuki
エアコン琴│A/C Harp (from “ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS!“) [performance]
Modified A/C generates sound. A performer plays A/C Harp with the coil attached to fingers which picks up magnetic wave moves generated by the magnets attached to the rotary fan of an A/C. The different distances between the magnets produce different pitches. A/C is reincarnated to “A/C Harp” and plays music from season to season.
Created by 中隆文│Takafumi Naka, 山本惣一│Soichi Yamamoto + Nicos Orchest-Lab
Thanks to Nicos Orchest-Lab

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