Photos by Mao Yamamoto

Photos by Mao Yamamoto

ブラウン管ガムラン│CRT-TV Gamelan Ensemble (from "ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS!")[performance / installation]
Electromagnetic waves emitted from CRT-TV screens are caught by hands, and travel through to the coil attached to a leg then to a guitar amplifier to generate sound. The pitch of the sound changes depending on the number of stripes on the screen, and the volume is controlled with the area touched by the hands. CRT-TVs destined to rest eternally after ending analog broadcasting revive now as Electro-Magnetic percussion instruments.
Members (in KENPOKU 2016) : 和田永│Ei Wada, 高橋信泉(SL9)│Shinsen Takahashi, 青山真以子│Maiko Aoyama, 山口浩│Hiroshi Yamaguchi, 住谷美紀│Miki Sumiya, 益子博之│Hiroyuki Masuko
Made by 和田永│Ei Wada, 鷲見倫一│Rinichi Washimi
Thanks to Nicos Orchest-Lab

Link :
GIZMODE - Very Happy Man Plays Custom CRT Sets Like Bongos
GIZMODE JAPAN - 古い家電を使って新しい音を奏でるってこういうこと

Photos by Mao Yamamoto

Photos by Mao Yamamoto

Video :

Demonstration in KENPOKU 2016

Ensemble in 2017