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未来の学校祭│School Of The Future


2019年2月21日(木)〜24日(日)の4日間に渡って開催されるArs Electronica × 六本木ミッドタウンのイベント『未来の学校祭』にELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS!が出演します。
The “SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE FESTIVAL” by Tokyo Midtown and Ars Electronica is a new event for thinking of our future society together with a broad variety of visitors. Artists, companies and stores at Tokyo Midtown will show visitors their finely honed works, projects and products. The concept of School of the Future is “a new place to think about future, something that is not taught in school, through art and design.” Visitors to this event can freely experience fun programs, such as exhibitions, workshops and talks, for kids to adults. Surely, important hints might be found in thinking about the future.
Theme : GiriGiri/On the Edge
“GiriGiri” is a conceptual frontier, a boundary, an edge along which what is barely ok, and outright wrong is questionable. We live a society pursuing unprecedented completeness, emphasizing efficiency and productivity, full of air that does not allow failure, pushed by the evolution of digital technology. Becoming tolerant of failure and diverse results, and fostering the spirit of challenge that creates new things. These are the great forces creating the future. In this exhibition, art projects facing social topics that must be asked in our society, including prototypes created for new products and innovation, conscious for boundaries on-the-edge. Through these cutting-edge projects, we will be able to see the forefront of art, society and innovation.
ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS! in 未来の学校祭│School Of The Future
日時:2019年2月23日(土) 21:00-21:30
場所:六本木ミッドタウン アトリウム(ガレリアB1)Roppongi MIDTOWN Atrium
参加無料 Entrance Free