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Ei Wada ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS! in "Ars Electronica '18"


Ei Wada ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS! in Ars Electronica 2018 : ERROR the Art of Imperfection
Please Check It Out in Linz!
ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS!  is a project where retired consumer electronics are resuscitated as instruments, new ways to play music are invented, and all kinds of people are invited to be orchestrated with the artist and musician Ei Wada.
Currently, we have 3 main bases of creation in Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hitachi. More than 70 members have joined the project from diverse fields such as engineers, designers, musicians, and management members. And we remade CRT televisions, electric fans and air conditioners as instruments until now.
In 2017, we staged the Electro-Magnetic Bon-Dance. The original purpose of the Bon Dance is to mourn the dead; here we extended its concept for the memorial service of electronics. 
By due to ingenuity of people, worn-out tools begin to shine again for different purposes.
Schedule :
Sep. 6th-10th CyberArts 2018 - Prix Ars Electronica Exhibition @ OK Center
Sep. 7th 14:00-14:20 Mini Live @ OK Center
Sep. 8th 22:00-23:00 SPECIAL NIGHT CONCERT!!!! @ OK Center
Sep. 9th 14:00-15:30 Workshop @ OK Center
Sep. 10th 14:00-15:30 Workshop @ OK Center
Place :
The OK Center for Contemporary Art (Access)